3 climbers die in 3 days on Mount Everest

One killed two missing on Everest Mount Everest Subhash Pal Dutch,Australian Kathmandu Paresh Chandra Nath, Goutam Ghos

Among them was 19-year-old Alyssa Azar, who on Saturday became the youngest Australian to summit Everest, and Lhakpa Sherpa, who notched a new record for female climbers with her seventh ascent.

Dozens of other climbers have developed frostbite or become sick near the summit in recent days.

Two other Indian members of his team – Paresh Nath and Goutam Ghosh – are still missing.

Late Friday, Eric Arnold, 35, a Dutchman from Rotterdam, had reached the summit on his fifth attempt just hours before his death.

The two deaths were the first confirmed this year on Everest, during a busy climbing season that follows two years in which the peak was virtually empty due to two fatal avalanches.

Three climbers have died and two are missing on Everest, underlining the risks involved as mountaineers return to the world’s highest peak after two seasons marked by disasters.

Beginning May 11, almost 400 climbers and Sherpa guides have reached the summit of Everest this season.

Most climbers are now beginning their climb down from the higher camps as spring climbing season slowly comes to an end, according to an official at the Department of Tourism.

The deaths of at least four mountaineers on the 8 848m-high Mount Everest have once again shone the spotlight on the deadly allure of the highest mountain on Earth. Nepal’s government had issued permits this year to 289 climbers, each of whom paid $11,000 to the government, plus another $25,000-$50,000 to an expedition company that provides guides, equipment and, often, bottled oxygen to use at high altitudes where the atmosphere is thin.

Maria Strydom was an Australian mountain climber and university lecturer.

Wangchu Sherpa, director of Trekking Camp Nepal, told the Himalayan Times that his team had lost track of four Indian climbers Saturday night.

A 43-year-old Indian man, Subash Paul, died Sunday after attempting to descend from the peak, Reuters reports.

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said: ‘It is a hard and challenging climb and many people have died’.

Dr Strydom, who also goes by Marisa, was on a seven-week expedition with her husband Robert Gropel – who has also been injured during the trek. She apparently then stopped breathing. Climbers with well-managed companies employing experienced guides are safe.

However, more than 250 people have died so far in an attempt to climb the Mount Everest since it was first conquered in 1953.

In recent years, however, the number of climbers has led to queues on the fixed ropes up the mountain, particularly in the upper reaches above the South Col campsite.

Hundreds of climbers fled Everest past year after an earthquake-triggered avalanche at base camp killed 18 people.

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