After convention turmoil, Sanders, Mrs. Obama, Warren declare they’re with Clinton

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Has Picked Tim Kaine as Her Running Mate

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton spoke with her newly announced vice president nominee Tim Kaine in Miami on July 22. Some had speculated that liberals in the Democratic Party would be disappointed in the choice of Kaine, who has taken more moderate positions on some key issues. A group of 1,250 Sanders delegates called the Bernie Delegates Network surveyed its members and reported, according to the Boston Herald, that 89% found the selection of Kaine unacceptable.

But some voters say there is nothing Clinton could say to win them over.

The GOP convention featured Republican nominee Donald Trump’s allies bashing Clinton – and delegates frequently chanting “lock her up!” – even as it was short on revelatory personal anecdotes about the Republican nominee (other than from his children).

“Voters will see very much a connection from life lessons she learned growing up in the family she did and what has really rooted her in what have become the causes of her life”, said Benenson.

Mr Kaine criticised Mr Trump’s recent suggestion he might not honour United States security commitments to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation in Europe, and the real estate mogul’s history of casino bankruptcies and founding the failed Trump University.

The former president is a master politician but also has been known to shoot off his mouth in unhelpful ways when campaigning for his wife. Sanders said he will support Clinton in her efforts to avoid a Republican presidency, but some of his supporters were not ready to do the same.

But while the two Republicans’ chemistry will come under the microscope in those first campaign stops, the focus will also be on how the two men finesse their attacks on the Democratic ticket.

The discussions between the two camps prompted Sanders to send emails and text messages to supporters asking them not to protest.

Clinton revealed the main reason why she picked the Virginia senator is because she believes he has what it takes to take over as president if that day comes.

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Clinton campaign officials blamed the hack, which is now being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, on Russian military intelligence agencies.

Wasserman Schultz had planned to be among those taking the stage, despite the email hacking controversy.

“I’ve climbed, and I haven’t missed a rung on the ladder”, he added. First lady Michelle Obama and Sanders will headline Monday’s opening night and will be followed later in the week by Bill Clinton, President Obama and Vice President Biden. And the people who were speaking were painting a picture of our country that I did not recognize.

Trump, for his part, stirred concerns about immigrants, refugees and crime during his nomination acceptance speech.

Clinton’s campaign aims to use the convention to try and rectify both problems. As he accepted the Republican nomination, Trump said: “The legacy of Hillary Clinton is death, destruction, terrorism and weakness”. Why do you think people say that about you?’ “I’m going to talk about what he’s done, how he has hurt people in business time after time after time”. Obama will speak on Wednesday night.

Roll call for delegates to formally select a nominee is set for Monday. However, while in the Senate, Kaine signed off on the brief to the Supreme Court deeming the Defense of Marriage Act, signed by former president Bill Clinton, unconstitutional.

Liberal Sanders supporters pushed for changes to the party nominating process at a meeting of the convention rules committee Saturday.

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