Anti-Beijing Lawmakers Win Seats in Hong Kong Elections

Hong Kong votes in first major election since protests

“And, actually, we (stuck with) the democratic movement, and people are voting for a new way and new future of our democratic movement”.

“Hong Kong is really chaotic now”.

Under the deal signed between Britain and China, Hong Kong is ruled under a “one country, two systems” deal that protected the city’s freedoms for 50 years.

In a statement carried by the official Xinhua News Agency, China’s top body for Hong Kong affairs underscored Beijing’s “resolute opposition” to Hong Kong independence and encouraged the local government to “mete out penalties according to law” for those who advocate it.

Among them is Nathan Law, 23, leader of the 2014 “Umbrella Movement” rallies, who is guaranteed a seat after coming second in his constituency behind a pro-Beijing candidate.

Lawmakers will take up their seats on October 1 and will have to swear an oath to uphold the constitution, which describes Hong Kong as part of China.

“This is absolutely unexpected”, Law said.

The big winners included a group of young candidates who took part in massive 2014 pro-democracy street protests and are now seeking to change the way the city is governed by Beijing.

“But even so Beijing and Hong Kong will be anxious about the results that how polarised Hong Kong society has become”, the Al Jazeera correspondent said.

A report by Reuters also revealed that Chinese enterprises in Hong Kong were “instructing staff how to vote” before the elections, with employees asked to “vote for patriotic candidates who ‘love China and love Hong Kong’”. They would have to cooperate with the localists to have this power.

Youngspiration was formed during the 2014 protests and Ms Yau said the party proposed a similar plan to Demosisto.

The stern message came after several young activists won seats on LegCo. So i believe that the best way to solve issues in Hong Kong, solve internal conflicts, is to exercise democracy and rights of self determination.

“It’s very likely that Beijing will use the unexpected success of localist candidates as a pretext for cracking down even harder on Hong Kong”, he says.

China has also repeatedly warned Taiwan and its pro-independence movements of negative consequences if they shift away the “one China” policy.

In April, Law and others founded Demosisto, with Joshua Wong Chi-fung who led the now-disbanded student group, Scholarism.

It is a goal many pro-establishment politicians are unhappy about.

Some polling stations had to stay open till the wee hours of Monday morning, as lines were still forming when polling was supposed to close at 10.30pm.

The Electoral Affairs Commission said 58 per cent of the city’s 3.8 million eligible voters cast their ballot, up from 53 per cent in 2012 and the highest turnout for any legislative election since 1997.

“There are people who literally flew to Hong Kong, landed, went to vote and then hopped on a plane back”.

Preliminary results indicate that a new generation of anti-China activists have won seats in Hong Kong’s Legislative Council.

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