Apple probably isn’t going to launch any new laptops next month

Stranger Things poster was created on an iPad Pro

Apple is planning to revamp its MacBook Pro laptops, a series that hasn’t seen a hefty overhaul in several years, Bloomberg reported Wednesday, citing “people familiar with the matter”.

The trusty MacBook Pro is about to get its most dramatic overhaul/upgrade in four years, with a new keyboard, touch screen for function keys, increased processing horsepower and an ultra-thin digital screen.

Among the changes are a touch-screen strip that will host the function keys (substituting the typical function key row) and will feature “more powerful and efficient graphics processors” geared at experts, sources tell Bloomberg.

Though these leaked details may be suggesting that Apple is already done conceptualizing the device and is already in the process of manufacturing it, consumers are advised to wait a little longer because the MacBook Pro 2016 is not debuting during the launch of the new iPhone 7 smartphones.

Now, we highly doubt that Apple are going to release smaller versions of their high-end laptop, and therefore we suspect that the new MacBook Pro 2016 lineup will retain the 13-inch and 15-inch displays, but have smaller bezels. MacBook sales had been on the decline earlier in the year but staged a recovery last quarter.

The new laptop’s casing is set to be thinner and lighter than the current Pro, but won’t feature a tapered, slanted body, like the current MacBook and MacBook Air.

It’s said that Apple chose AMD – its new Polaris chips, specifically – due to their thinness and efficiency needed to allow for a thinner MacBook Pro. The overall goal is to simplify keyboard shortcuts, eliminating the need to remember key combinations for each app or program you use. Intel just released the Kaby Lake processor and it may take some time for Apple to procure the chips and to include them in the device. Users will be able to log in more quickly and authenticate Apple Pay purchases. The top-of-the-line models will use AMD’s Radeon Polaris graphics card, which is around twenty percent thinner than other chipsets, and offers vastly improved gaming and VR performance. It is also expected to support USB-C ports capable of many duties including charging the laptop or moving data.

Whatever Apple does announce, it seems clear that its new touchsensitive, contextual control strip is yet another bridge between its two computing platforms, Mac and iPad Pro. They are up 3.4 per cent now for the year to US$108.81.

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