Bungie Clarifies Whether Destiny Is Free on Xbox

Destiny Taken King

The raid will be called Wrath of the Machine, and apparently, players will have to really focus on bringing up their light level if they want to succeed at this challenge.

Players will have to upgrade to Destiny: The Collection for the full game. With the upcoming Rise of Iron, the game will try to invoke a sense of nostalgia and pay homage to the fallen Iron Lords. Basically Destiny will still be a paid-for title for now, and it doesn’t look like there are any signs that this will be changing, so either decide to pay for the game, or you can wait for the day that Bungie may or may not make it a F2P title. To play through the original full adventure, the upcoming Destiny: The Collection must be purchased.

Many fans likely already know about the Iron Gjallarhorn – a weapon now being offered as a pre-order bonus, per the game’s official website – but there are other Exotics that they may want to know as well.

New Vanguard weapons, as well as ones for the Crucible and the Trials of Osiris, are coming and there will be many of them.

Bungie is attempting to move away from the mechanic-heavy, unforgiving nature of Destiny’s King’s Fall raid released a year ago with the sandbox shooter’s Taken King expansion, the developer’s lead designer Gavin Irby has suggested in a recent interview. This is a great way to save some extra bucks and also finally get your hands on that PlayStation 4 or Xbox One you so desperately wanted. If players wish to progress through the original Destiny adventure via digital download, they will be required to purchase Destiny – The Collection to gain access to this content.

We recently had the chance to talk with Bungie’s Scott Taylor and Shiek Wang about the new Raid and Strike being released as part of the new expansion Rise of Iron. That’s all we have so far on The Collection. Tell us if the offer intrigues you or whether you’re indifferent.

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