Clinton, Trump cancel events after attack


Sonia Diaz, public relations director for Versailles Restaurant, confirms that Donald Trumps’ visit to Versailles has been canceled. Corker has since withdrawn his name from consideration.

Other Arkansans in Cleveland this week also say it’s unlikely the anti-Trump campaign will be successful.

Strimple said Trump must counter that with a constant “indictment of the last eight years, an indictment of Hillary Clinton”. He told Flake he had been going easy on him so far, and will now ensure he didn’t win his re-election bi this year. “But I think it would just be bad to have Donald Trump”.

“It is a coordinated, premeditated assault on the men and women who keep us safe”, Trump’s statement said. This fact is entirely and probably true, but it doesn’t seem so farfetched for Trump to just throw up his hands and say ‘thanks, but no thanks.’ But Trump’s political adviser Roger Stone told The Times Trump quitting is farfetched and he would never pass up an opportunity to be in the spotlight.

Their deaths prompted the protest in Dallas interrupted by the shootings that killed five police officers.

They aren’t, any more than Republicans are telling you what they would do to “make America great again“. Cruz to speak at the Republican convention, and Sen.

Clinton tweeted her sympathy Friday. Tom Cotton. On Friday, Christie will travel to Miami with Trump, the billionaire’s campaign said. Clinton did go forward with a late afternoon appearance at the African Methodist Episcopal Convention in Philadelphia, where she focused on violence from all quarters and declared there is “something wrong with our country”.

He had been scheduled to meet Hispanic business and community leaders Friday before delivering a speech entitled “Succeeding Together”.

As Republicans and Democrats prepare for their party conventions later this month, a new national survey paints a bleak picture of voters’ impressions of the presidential campaign and the choices they face in November. Ben Sasse, he said, “Surely, you don’t want Clinton”.

President Barack Obama addressed the police shootings from Warsaw, Poland, where he is attending the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit.

The British vote to leave the European Union, and electoral successes in Europe by populists, is part of “a worldwide movement toward really being angry at the establishment, really feeling cheated by the establishment, really feeling that government has failed and I think Trump is part of that worldwide movement”, he said.

Trump also issued a statement about the shootings, calling it “an attack on our country”. The following day, Castile was fatally shot in a auto by a Minnesota officer, with the aftermath livestreamed on Facebook by his girlfriend.

Things were so comparatively genteel half a century ago that it made a splash when President Lyndon Johnson called Richard Nixon a “chronic campaigner”.

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