Corbyn: Power of Labour’s membership will win next election

The GMB Union has backed Owen Smith for the Labour leadership

The result will be announced at the Labour party conference on 24 September.

The established party members have attempted to resign in protest, tried to keep Corbyn off the leadership ballot through a manipulation of party rules, used a wealthy financial backer to attempt to overturn a court decision on that same artful dodge, and have now worked to deny the voices of many thousands of their newest party members.

Specifically, Foster described the inner circle around Corbyn as his “Sturmabteilung”- the name for the Nazi regime’s stormtroopers.

Mr Corbyn also spoke for the first time about the Court of Appeal upholding a decision by Labour’s ruling body to bar around 130,000 new members from voting in the leadership contest.

Corbyn’s campaign condemned the ruling as the “wrong decision – both legally and democratically”.

Foster’s remarks appeared to be the latest in a series of allegations connected to anti-Semitic incidents within the Labour Party.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (left) looks toward shadow chancellor John McDonnell on stage during the second day of the Labour Party conference in Brighton, Sussex.

Earlier in the summer, over 170 Labour MP’s voted for a no-confidence motion regarding Corbyn.

Labour’s National Executive Committee wanted to bar nearly 130,000 new members because they have not been in the party for at least six months.

The current contest will demonstrate the “new and innovative methods” Labour will use at the next general election, he said.

The case, which intensified the civil war in the Labour Party, was brought by five new members who were excluded from the leadership contest after the NEC decided members would not be able to vote unless they had at least six months’ continuous membership from January 12 up to July 12 – the “freeze date”.

He added that he had a “great deal of respect” for Ms Cadbury, and called on her to get behind Mr Corbyn to help Labour win the next general election.

The High Court on Monday ruled they had been unlawfully “frozen out” but that decision was overturned by the appeal court.

The five members were refused permission to appeal to the Supreme Court.

David Goldstone QC, who had represented the five, indicated in court that steps had already been taken which could lead to a hearing next Tuesday.

“I am here in Corby in the east of England, talking to party members and I will carry on doing what I am doing which is getting out there, making my case”.

Smith said: “I had welcomed the prospect of 125,000 additional members being given the opportunity to vote in this vitally important leadership election”.

Three Appeal Court judges today backed the committee’s original decision.

The branch also gave its nomination to Mr Corbyn past year, when Mr Starmer had campaigned for Andy Burnham – although with a clearer majority then.

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