Download: Google Maps Gets Beta Version In The Play Store

Google Play Store Suggest You To Uninstall Rarely Used Applications

This feature has been in the works since last summer and Google hasn’t announced its roll out, but reports suggest that users from all over the world already received it. Thankfully, the new phone-finder feature will work with both Android and iOS devices. Since Google has stopped the flow of automatic updates from their end, you aren’t at risk of anything going wrong.

How the new feature looks on the Google Play Store. The user will choose which application to uninstall and will free up some space, allowing important applications to get updates. You would think Google could also use this as a prime opportunity to push a paid-for streaming service like Google Play Music as an alternative to keeping big audio files on one’s device.

The new find-your-phone feature lets users find lost or stolen devices in a few steps, Kim added. It enables you to see the location of your device or disable access to your accounts if you fear your phone may have been stolen. In fact, it’ll redirect you to that page if you start here for some functions. And putting in a link to a user’s account from search is an easy entry point.

On an average, every smartphone user has around 70 apps installed on his or her phone.

Whether the intelligent suggestion for uninstallation of apps feature is being merely tested or being pushed out globally is not clear.

Finally, Google’s third new feature is the ability to speak your way to your account: Starting immediately for English speakers, you can say “OK Google, show me my Google account”, and you’ll be taken to My Account.

Even as tech giants like Google continue to gather and store huge volumes of user data, some new technology startups are shifting gears to reduce the amount of information they keep about users.

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