Drew Peterson Guilty in Murder For Hire Case

Closing arguments to begin in Peterson murder-for-hire trial

Peterson, 62, was convicted of two counts of solicitation of murder for trying to hire a hit man from prison to kill County State’s Attorney James Glasgow, Attorney General Lisa Madigan said in a statement. Peterson apparently thought that if Glasgow was out of the way, he would win an appeal because he thought Glasgow’s assistant state’s attorneys wouldn’t be able to keep him in prison, notes NBC Chicago. As he walked out of the courtroom Tuesday, according to news reports, Peterson mouthed something unintelligible toward his missing wife’s youngest sister, Cassandra Cales. They convicted him on charges of solicitation of murder for hire and solicitation for murder, which carry a possible prison sentence of up to 60 years. Her disappearance garnered headlines around the world, which in turn prompted Mr Glasgow to re-open the case of the third wife, Ms Savio, whose earlier death had been ruled an accident.

Peterson’s defense attorney Lucas Liefer said the recordings were nonsensical prison talk and that Peterson never directly said on the recordings that he wanted Glasgow killed. Peterson was never charged in her disappearance but told the informant he anxious that Glasgow would eventually do so.

Glasgow was the prosecutor that successfully lead the team that put Peterson behind bars.

Smith, who testified Peterson told him he would pay $10,000 for the murder, worked with authorities to record conversations in November 2014, the newspaper reported. “That’s what you wanted, right?”.

“If Glasgow is dead by Christmas, when will that put you out?” He faces mandatory sentences of 20 to 40 years for the first charge and 15 to 30 years for the second charge, according to a statement by the Illinois Attorney General’s office, which helped prosecute the case. I’m in. From the first time we talked about it, there was no turning back.

It wasn’t a jailhouse informant who did Peterson in, but a jailhouse informant who was wired for sound.

“OK, all right. I’m in”, Peterson was heard to respond.

Court documents and police records revealed a contentious, hostile relationship between the Petersons and Savio in the years leading up to the women’s deaths, reported the AP.

“Oh my gosh, did I just commit solicitation of murder?”

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