Dropbox adds document scanning, creation tools in corporate push


The new scanning feature lives in Dropbox’s iOS app (it will come to Android eventually, but no word on timing) under the new “+” menu.

Updates to the Dropbox app for iOS allow users to scan documents directly into the cloud storage service, and get started with creating Microsoft Office files from that app as well. Another new feature is the ability to search for and preview old versions of documents.

Create Microsoft Office docs on mobile: If your idea is better suited to an Office doc than a napkin, you can click the new plus button to create Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files instantly from your mobile device. As of this date, Dropbox Basic users will need to have the Dropbox desktop application installed to continue using camera uploads.

For desktop users, Dropbox will make it easier for you to share files and folders from the Windows File Explorer or the Mac OS X Finder: thanks to an update to the desktop app, right-clicking on a file or folder adds a “share” option which will let users enter the email addresses of the people they want to invite and adding a message about the files. Users can also add comments to specific parts of a file and be able to see version history, so they can go back to an earlier version if something goes awry.

Dropbox is definitely giving some serious competition to Microsoft’s OneDrive, and we hope the Redmond giant will keep working on improving its cloud storage service which is built-in on Windows 10 devices. Business customers of Dropbox can then search the captured files using character recognition.

Other new features include the ability to create a Microsoft Office document by tapping the new plus button.

Today, Dropbox is more widely rolling out the ability to comment on a specific area within a document.

Share files and folders from the desktop: We’re cutting steps from sharing and saving you time with our desktop sharing experience. Our simple, yet powerful new sharing features give you more control.

People who want to use Dropbox to share files will have an easier time doing so with new updates released Wednesday. Users also can import documents they scanned with the OCR scanner into the Office folder. So we’re introducing a feature that’s usually only found in design software: adding comments to a specific part of a file. Previously this was only available for business accounts.

Dropbox won’t say how many people it expects the auto-upload change to impact.

The company gave a sneak peak to a couple of new tools that will help businesses too.

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