EU waits for ‘Schrodinger’s UK’ to quit

London residents struggle with aftermath of Brexit vote

“It is a duty of a government to allow people to live and arrange their lives and be able to make predictions”, Ms Stuart said.

Like her fellow leave campaigner and Tory leadership rival Michael Gove, Ms Leadsom said she would honour the pledge made in the campaign to spend “billions more” on the NHS, without giving a specific figure.

His statement in the House of Commons on Monday, in response to an urgent question from leading Leave campaigner Gisela Stuart, sparked fury from MPs from all parties in the wake of a rise in reported racist attacks following Britain’s vote to leave the European Union last month.

During the European Union referendum the Leave campaign said it did not want European Union nationals already in the United Kingdom to be repatriated after Brexit.

“I intend to keep the negotiations as short as possible”, Leadsom said in a speech in London, becoming the fifth and final Conservative Party candidate to detail her leadership platform. “It is deeply, deeply offensive to assume that this is a country that retrospectively changes the rights of its citizens”, she added.

“I would like to see us leaving the European Union on January 1, 2019”, he told reporters.

And he said: “It’s not right to characterise it as using people as bargaining chips at all”.

Responding to the charge, Mr Brokenshire said: “It is not, as you seek to characterise it, in some way viewing people as bargaining chips at all”.

There are around three million non-British EU citizens living in the United Kingdom, according to Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures from August 2015.

Interior minister Theresa May, the leading contender to replace David Cameron as prime minister, said on Sunday Britain needed to have a clear negotiating position and she would not be rushed into starting the formal exit process this year.

He said he thought it “most unlikely” that EU nationals already living in the United Kingdom would be told they could not stay, and asked about the uncertainty for them, he said: “I’d urge the European Union to think again about this mantra that it won’t allow any discussions before Article 50 notice is served”.

Leadson, however, added that Britain’s freedom of movement within the bloc will soon end.

Meanwhile, shadow chancellor John McDonnell claimed George Osborne’s plan to cut corporation tax to less than 15% to boost the wobbling economy would set Britain up as a European tax haven and potentially undermine Brexit negotiations.

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