Former NBA player Etan Thomas says he was denied train seat

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While that’s not unusual, the white woman who told him he couldn’t sit next to her then gave the seat to a white stranger who asked about the same seat being open. Thomas, who is black, says a white man inquired about the seat less than two minutes later and the woman obliged.

“I ask ummmmm did you just not want ME to sit next to you?”.

Not comfortable with a Black Man sitting next to you? So I go to the next seat.

Thomas posted a photo of the woman and explained his story on May 20, when he says he got on a packed train and asked the woman if anyone was sitting in the seat next to her. He said she called the conductor, who Thomas said was a fan of his.

In fact, people are already chiming in with comments like, “If you weren’t on that train, I would have wished it got derailed”, and “Make sure everyone shares this and also see if there is a facial recognition to find out who she is.put her on blast”, plus this beauty: “here take MY penis beat urself in the face with it!”

Thomas claims the woman said race had nothing to do with denying him a seat. And I said was there something you wanted to tell my man? So then she says did you just take a pic of me?

She claimed that he was illegally taking her picture and that she would tell the conductor.

Thomas might have been slightly in the wrong in posting the woman’s photo up but he’s never appeared to be the type to drum up an incident like this for fame or attention. “And she rolled her eyes smh some ppl I tell ya”.

Washington Wizards Etan Thomas looks around the court as he stretches after a training camp practice at the Siegal Center on the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Va., Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2008.

Ex-Washington Wizard player Etan Thomas recently took an Amtrak ride he would have no choice but to rate one star.

If Thomas’s interpretation is true, this indeed was an asshole move, but trying to hunt this woman down doesn’t solve anything. People are always blown away by the idea that I write poetry, and I ask them why? Because I’m a 6-10, 260-pound black man, I can’t have an interest beyond the field of athletics?

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