Hello Games Still Working On No Man’s Sky PC Release

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Despite the lack of multiplayer, No Man’s Sky is still a highly ambitious game that offers the player a vast universe to explore. If you love space exploration and randomly traversing around on planets to harvest material or discover new locations and species, you might enjoy your time with No Man’s Sky. The game is now out for the PlayStation 4 and will be released for the PC this Friday. This doesn’t appear to be case though, as confirmed by two different players who chose to meet at the same location.

In fact, Hello Games co-founder, Sean Murray, did a Reddit AMA last evening. “Let the games begin!”

Interestingly, it seems you’ll be able to avoid this issue, which basically has No Man’s Sky getting a too much heavy load on PS4’s CPU, by simply decelerating your engine and land on the place.

Though Hello Games has previously said that – given the sheer size of the universe – it would be extremely rare for players to ever meet in the game, knowing that there are two distinct and separate No Man’s Sky communities does come as a somewhat of a disappointment.

No Man’s Sky fans have long wondered whether it’s possible to see other players if they’re on the same planet.

No Man’s Sky has quite a bit of crafting, and despite all your avid resource collecting, sometimes you’ll find it hard to find some really important components. Neither one could see the other player’s character or the changes either made to the landscape around them.

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