Hillary and Bill Clinton’s 2015 tax return

Politico said the letter has been signed by more than 70 leading Republicans

Rarely, if ever, has the danger of partisan loyalty in American politics been on such gruesome display as in the case of Donald J. Trump.

“They say, you know, you’re really rich”.

The comment provoked widespread outrage, as many interpreted it as an oblique call to assassination – a charge Trump now vehemently denies.

When Trump first locked up the GOP nomination, he was a self-funder who was starting raising campaign cash from scratch. “Whereas on the Trump side, it’s what insane thing did he say today and the response to that”.

The Republican’s official campaign committee has so far spent nothing on television ads – practically unheard of in modern campaigns.

“My rallies are not covered properly by the media”, he said in CT. Of the quarter of Millennials who say they would not vote or do not know who they would vote for, nearly two-thirds (62%) say it is because they do not like any of the candidates.

Meanwhile Republican rival Donald Trump said the only way he could lose in Pennsylvania is if there was cheating. Plus, Maine awards two of its four electoral votes by congressional district, of which there are two, and Trump is very popular in one of them. “Get over it! We were just having fun”.

He also claimed the National Security Agency had Mrs Clinton’s missing emails and suggested that the agency release them publicly.

Of course a man who would say such things is grossly unfit to occupy the White House. “He’s going to save our country”.

But the Trump formula of outlandish comments, followed by attacks on the media for reporting said comments, have caused him to fall behind Clinton in key battleground states – by double digits in some.

Donald Trump plans to return to Wisconsin next week and once again the state’s top Republican leaders won’t be there.

Trump is holding a pair of fundraisers in La Crosse and Milwaukee on Tuesday. The agency, while not indicating whether the Republican presidential nominee is being audited, has said anyone can release their returns, under audit or not.

Gov. Scott Walker was previously scheduled to be in Colorado on Tuesday as part of a Republican governors’ panel at the Aspen Institute. Why does House Speaker Paul Ryan, whom Trump only reluctantly endorsed, not refuse to endorse Trump?

Walker is listed as an honorary host on invitations for both fundraisers.

Since July 28, Clinton’s daily support among likely voters in the poll has hovered between a low of 41 and a high of 44 percentage points.

The Clintons are releasing their 2015 filings on Friday.

“Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine continue to set the standard for financial transparency as she releases her 2015 personal tax return”, campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri said Friday. Over the last decade, the couple has donated 7.5 percent of their income to charity, the campaign said, and paid an effective tax rate of 25.6 percent past year.

The way the Clintons made their money previous year translates to their high tax rate, Gale said: They are “paying a much higher rate than, say, Mitt Romney did in 2012 or Warren Buffett does, because those people’s income is all in the form of capital gains”. Trump tried last week, but it didn’t stick. Trump has said that he’s under an audit by the Internal Revenue Service and won’t release his returns until that audit is concluded – which may not happen before the November 8 election.

Given their long tenure in public service, the Clintons release their tax returns publically about as often as most people file their actual taxes.

But Clinton’s own returns bring her some unwanted attention too, notably to her and her husband’s extraordinary income, derived primarily through speaking fees. But he added that perhaps Second Amendment advocates could stop her.

Trump has criticized Clinton’s stamina in recent weeks. She said the money would expand existing party field operation that already includes eight offices and dozens of employees. Trump routinely disparages the agreement as bad for American jobs. “We’ll see where it takes me”, he told Time magazine on Tuesday.

Trump has said he is worth more than $10bn, but no one has been able to confirm this independently. “They want you to say what you mean and mean what you say”. “We need to see a positive week out of him to create a positive trajectory”.

“I don’t care. He was the founder”. The same day, the reality show star acknowledged that his lack of political correctness could cost him the election if Americans reject his blunt approach.

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