How to spot the new Galaxy Note7

How to Check if Your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Is Safe

Samsung has sold around one million Note 7 handsets in US, but said it received 92 reports of batteries overheating.

The company also said about 25 percent of Note 7 owners in the USA have exchanged their devices, up from 13 percent last week when Samsung started making replacements available.

This week, the company began shipping new Note 7 phones to replace the defective ones.

A second account on a separate social media account said an owner’s telephone exploded on Sunday while the person was playing a game on it.

Samsung said in a statement on its China website its investigation of the phone shows “the damage to this product was caused by external heating”, without elaborating. Besides that Samsung also said the same, that not later than the 21of September.

A green battery indicator on the Note 7 means your device is safe. Both numbers can be found on the outside of the phone’s packaging, and the serial number would have also appeared on the sticker on the back of the phone.

In announcing its global recall on September 2, Samsung did not initially say whether consumers could continue to use the Note 7 phones without danger.

Samsung has issued a statement that Galaxy Note 7 users in US will get replacement starting from September 21 while South Korean consumers will get replacement from September 28.

First, before you even open the box a phone comes in, check the label. if you see a square symbol in the upper right corner of the label, you’re looking at a new Galaxy Note 7.

So if you’re cautiously holding on to your Galaxy Note 7 wondering if it’s going to explode or not, just enter in your IMEI number in Samsung’s new online tool and you’ll get your answer. The company said the two units involved in the reported fires were not from that batch.

Several reports are claiming that the replacement units for the Galaxy Note 7 have started to reach owners of the recalled smartphone in the United States.

McDonald reported from Beijing.

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