Huge Pearl of 75 Pound was found under man’s bed

Whenever we hear the word ‘pearl’, something very little, shiny and whitish strike in our mind, but wait what if I say, there is a pearl whose weight is around 75 pounds.

Well, it isn’t a fake story.

#1 Meet a fisherman, the name has been kept secret, who found a huge pearl while fishing a decade ago.

#2 Since then, he kept it under his bed as a good-luck charm.

#3 Unfortunately, he was not knowing its value then.


#4 Everything came in public domain when he handed it to another family member while shifting from one house to another.

#5 75 Pound pearl, 2 feet long and 1 foot wide, was then kept for display and eventually his home became ‘mini-museum’ in no time.

#6 Government has decided that the pearl will remain as a sole property of the man himself.

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