Maisie Williams on where she wants Arya to end up

Maisie Williams on where she wants Arya to end

Arya’s path seemed to be leading her back to a Stark family reunion, but it turns out the actress who plays her, Maisie Williams, isn’t as keen on that as the rest of us might be.

As production for Season 7 of Game of Thrones has been delayed, Maisie Williams is changing up her signature Arya Stark brunette tresses and trading them in for something a little bit darker. I’d love for her to be kind of like The Hound [GoT character played by Rory McCann].

Lena Headey, aka Cersei Lannister herself, revealed she thinks her character will meet a “huge great death by Arya”.

She added: “I’d love for her to be alive, actually, and be her own boss”.

Cunningham professed hope that his ever-loyal Davos Seaworth would be able to escape the tragic fates of so many of his castmates, and perhaps die peacefully of old age. According to Williams, the Neville Hair Beauty salon in London was the mastermind behind her dramatic hair transformation. He cited that it would be best for the character to develop into a Jon Snow loyalist.

“I don’t want a knife in the back”, Cunningham said. I don’t want to be poisoned. By then, she would’ve reclaimed the Iron Throne which was taken from her own family. Her guess isn’t totally farfetched, considering Arya is now a trained assassin (thanks to her apprenticeship for the Many-Faced God) and even killed off Walder Frey in the finale. “No one would relish her death as much as he would”, she said.

Recently, Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B.

We’re heading into the final lap of Game of Thrones; with just 13 episodes left of the blockbuster series, Westeros is set to get a whole lot smaller.

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