Man who predicted Brexit and Trump’s victory has very scary predictions for 2017

Trump has become the 45th president but it’s also true that many people don’t like the “poll results”.

Apart from this like or dislike, there is one man who knew everything even before the elections.

Well, we are talking about the psychic from Southampton, who predicted about Brexit and Trump’s victory in 2016.

He has now come up with the list of predictions for the year 2017 and trust me, some of them are really scary.

Here is the list:

  • Denmark and Italy will also leave EU Euro will crash.
  • Some epidemic will spread in the whole world
  • Several riots will take place in America
  • Houses of Parliament will catch fire and there won’t be terrorist involvement
  • Hillary will resign after releasing of some documents
  • A school, somewhere in Europe will suffer biological or toxic attack
  • North and South Korea will become one
  • Assassinating attempt will be made on Pope of Vatican City

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