MARKET & ECONOMICSPopulus online poll puts Remain at 55%

EU referendum 2016 How important is turnout

Nigel Farage told Sky news “it looks like “remain” will edge it” in Britain’s referendum on whether to stay in the 28-nation European Union.

A final, national result is expected to be declared on Friday morning around 0700 GMT after all the local results are declared and then collated into totals for each of the regions.

She had every reason to be hopeful.

Campaigners pressed their 11th-hour appeals a day before the U.K.’s landmark vote on membership of the European Union as the latest opinion poll showed rival camps neck-and-neck. Newcastle in the North-East also voted narrowly for Remain. Minutes later, Sunderland reported.

Conversely, Broxbourne voted Leave with more votes than predicted – 33,706 to 17,166. Voting will end at 2100 GMT (2200 BST), with results expected early on Friday.

Several polls released earlier Thursday had pointed to a lead for the remain camp.

There were reports of high turnout in many parts of the country – a factor which had been predicted by some experts to favour a Remain vote.

Recent form suggests the bookies.

Moments after the Brexit polls closed, the leader of the UK Independence Party said he believed his campaign had been defeated. Had Brexit been argued with progressive politics and launched for reasons other than David Cameron wanting to “resolve certain issues”, Carr said he might have supported leaving the European Union, an institution rooted in a neoliberal agenda which came to the fore through its “disgraceful collusion” against Greece.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon welcomed the Remain campaign victory – in which “Scotland has spoken – and spoken decisively”. “We expect London to vote to Remain”. It has since found a very tentative footing just above $1.4500. “It’s going to be a bit of a rollercoaster, up and down for everyone”.

A vote to leave would send decades of European integration into reverse, marking the first time an independent nation has broken away.

“The will of the British people is an instruction that must be delivered”, he said.

Two Conservative politicians who switched sides from Leave to Remain over the campaign’s conduct have also been repeatedly accused on social media of being “plants” who had only pledged to support Leave so they could undermine the campaign by defecting later on. “There is tactical voting going on”.

With the vote tomorrow, people are still sharing that they remain undecided on which way to vote. It sank as low as $1.43 in Asian trading after earlier touching $1.50, its highest level this year. Of the 33.5 million ballots cast, only 1 million votes separated the two sides.

Early results, according to Mail Online, are showing a different decision by voters, at least in England.

The result represents a gain of one point for Leave, who are up to 45 per cent.

As dawn broke, Labour MP Kate Green, who campaigned for Remain, slouched against a wall outside the Great Hall.

“I think this is all due to “preset” trades: computer generated transactions which have been based on the results of the initial votes”, said Chris Gaffney, president of Everbank World Markets, which has around Dollars 26.6 billion in assets. “There was also, I’m quite sure, an element of feeling that the political class hadn’t understood their concerns and this was a chance for them to have their own say”.

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