Mercedes-Benz Trolled Man Who Asked Free New Car For Retweets

After we saw Carter Wilkerson having a deal with Wendys for free chicken nuggets for a year in return of retweets.

But wait, not every company is like Wendy.

Well, a man performed a similar stunt with Mercedes-Benz USA and got trolled badly.

Actually, the man, who runs a twitter profile with username,[email protected], asked the car company “Hey Mercedes, how many retweets for a new car?”.

The company;s official handle then replied saying “20 M and We’ll Talk”, similar to what Wendys replied to Carter.

@Abdinoorx2 immediately started a campaign of getting retweets.

Sadly, what happened next broke his heart.

In personal messages, the company sent him a photo of the car and revealed its prank.

Sadly,[email protected] took this prank as an offense and started ‘tweeting with ‘#BoycottMercedes’ on twitter.

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