Microsoft Brings Outlook Mail and Calendar to HoloLens

Outlook on HoloLens

That’s because Microsoft has just released a HoloLens version of its Outlook Mail and Calendar, which will also work on any other device running the Windows Holographic platform.

In a bold move, Microsoft has opened up its Windows 10 Holographic platform called HoloLens to other manufacturers, according to an article in The Next Web.

So we can expect some kind of AR version of Word that lets you dictate text to a document that appears to be projected on a fireplace.

“We are far from done innovating in mixed reality and would love to hear your feedback on how you use Outlook Mail and Calendar on HoloLens and what features you want to see next”. And that’s fair, considering the high profile releases of headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. They also noted that the upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update will create opportunities for modern computing devices via the Windows 10 operating system and the Windows Holographic AR and VR technology. Instead of being walled in on an application level, Microsoft is hoping to use the Windows Holographic Platform to expand the walls to the OS level, thus giving developers free reign with hardware and software without being locked into specific applications. Augmented reality is probably the next best thing in the tech world, and boosting office productivity through HoloLens is something that a lot of companies are looking forward to. “Anything that’s developed using that API should work as well on partner devices as on the HoloLens itself”. Naturally, all the FX used in this video belongs to “Hollywood magic”, as the HoloLens does not have sufficient compute power to drive these experiences. However, the developer’s edition of the HoloLens, which is a mixed reality headset, costs about $3000. One UWP app to rule them all, so to speak.

The big plus here is that Microsoft is showing off the power of its Universal Windows Platform.

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