Microsoft made a powerful Outlook watch face for Android Wear

Microsoft Outlook

The next 12 hours of your life will now be covered by the connected Android Wear-powered watch.

Few days ago Microsoft released the Outlook watch face For Apple smartwatches, and today the same has landed on the Android hemisphere. You can archive, schedule, flag and delete emails just like the Outlook app. Email, for example, can be a great use for Android Wear and services like Microsoft Outlook and Gmail are compatible with the platform. The watch shows the day, date, time and upcoming calendar event and recent email. You also have the ability to RSVP if you get mails inviting you to some event.

The new Outlook watch face for Android lets users take a look at their Outlook notifications and schedules with one simple glance at their watches. Acompli became the new mobile Outlook, while the other two apps are being slowly merged into Outlook to make it a kind of one-stop shop for events, messages, and daily tasks. Because it’s a watch face and not just a smartwatch app, the clock stays front and center at all times. “Thus, you will see different color bars around the calendar to match the event and calendar it is associated with”.

When Microsoft first delivered Outlook for Android Wear last August, it provided basic email, calendar and notification support. You can scroll down to view more, and keep scrolling to see subsequent appointments. You can additionally send out a quick note in case you are going to be late for a meeting and this can be done through your Android Wear on your hand. While Outlook is mostly about utility, as any email app should be, the Outlook watch face blends that utility with a little bit of personalization by letting users customize the watch face background color and accent color, of which there are multiple combinations including blue, green, red, yellow, and more.

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