Microsoft to Browser Rivals: Nope, Edge Is Still the Best

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However, Edge’s competitors, such as Chrome, Firefox and Opera, have also made their own improvements in energy efficiency.

Microsoft and Google have upped the ante in the war of browsers. “Microsoft Edge remains the most efficient browser on Windows 10, offering 24%-43% more efficiency across a sample of typical activities including video playback, multi-tab productivity, shopping, social media, and more”, Microsoft said after this new series of tests performed on the same devices running Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Specifically, the recently-released Google Chrome 53 comes not only with material design but also with significant speed improvements and the search giant claims that its new browser is much faster than a one-year-old version.

However, caught in this struggle for using as little battery as possible, Microsoft is willing to do more and more to get close to winning. As it seems, Edge resisted to playing and replaying a video for 527 minutes, in comparison to Chrome 53, which lasted 365, Firefox 48 with 312 and Opera with 429 minutes. The results are nearly exactly the same: Edge lasted 69 percent longer than Firefox, 45 percent longer than Chrome, and 23 percent longer than Opera (in battery-saver mode).

According to that claim, Chrome lasted four hours and 19 minutes, Firefox five hours and nine minutes, Opera six hours and 18 minutes and Edge beat out the whole lot by lasting seven hours and 22 minutes. We’re all used to the concept of companies engaging in games of one-upmanship, and this has certainly been the case when these two stalwarts have been slugging it out with their respective web browsers.

You can check out full details of Microsoft’s test and its methodology here.

Nevertheless, Microsoft has been aggressively trying to boost the popularity of its Edge browser and prove that it can take on the cool kids, Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Even so, Microsoft is convinced that “Edge” is still the better performer when it comes to efficiency, releasing yet another video to prove its point. “These numbers are from actual Windows 10 (version 1607) devices used in the real world, not artificial tests or hypotheses”. Have you tried out Microsoft Edge with Windows 10 Anniversary Update?

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