Mike Pence to Campaign With Marco Rubio in Florida

Republicans Donald Trump right and Sen. Marco Rubio R-Fla. during a break in a Republican presidential debate in March

“Florida is already suffering the impacts of climate change, and we simply can not afford to give Rubio another four years in the Senate before he decides to run for president again”. Rubio added he planned to keep Trump in check in the Senate. His GOP primary opponent Carlos Beruff and leading Democrat Patrick Murphy have both charged him with unbridled ambition.

On a call to about 20 potential Rubio donors on Wednesday, Romney said that given the likelihood of victory for Hillary Clinton in November, it was important to devote financial resources toward holding seats like Rubio’s to serve as a check to a Democratic president, according to a recording of the conversation obtained by CNN.

Rubio now holds a substantial lead over his GOP primary opponent Carlos Beruff and now leads both Patrick Murphy and Alan Grayson in general election polling.

They said nothing about his Democratic primary opponents, notably U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson or Pam Keith, whom he’ll have to beat first in the August 30 primary. “Rubio’s corporate polluter agenda could not be more stark”, Sittenfeld said, charging that Rubio has denied the basic science of client change and advocating for big polluters, and noting he has gotten a 6 percent score on LCV Action Fund’s scorecard.

Trump and Clinton have been running neck-and-neck in Florida, with Clinton slightly ahead in polling averages.

He thanked the group for its support and vowed to expand the use of alternate energies like wind and solar if elected to the Senate. “Climate change is a real threat, and Florida is directly impacted”. He said that “protecting our environment is central to my campaign for the Senate”.

“In our republic, while the presidency is powerful, there is a balance of power in this country, and a significant amount of it resides in the United States Senate”, Rubio said.

Grayson has faced pressure to drop out of the race, particularly after domestic abuse allegations emerged from the liberal firebrand’s ex-wife.

An aide to the IN governor told ABC News that Rubio will be appearing with Pence IN the battleground state of Florida. “It’s its own independent vote, and that’s what I’m asking people to vote for”. Rubio, though, is expected to advance to the general.

“I’ve basically gotten into one of the toughest races in the country, on nearly the very last second possible, in an environment where I don’t control what’s happening at the top of the ticket”, Rubio said.

Rubio is now ahead in polls.

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