New Google Photos ad plays right into 16GB iPhone users’ storage struggle


Google has posted a new ad for Google Photos that targets iPhone users who are frustrated with the lack of space on their devices. Tears and frustration and even anger were expressed, but sometimes, you can never recapture that instant, and you spend agonizing minutes deleting photos that you wanted to keep, just to take more photos. has just release a new video showing those “Dang it!” moments to promote its “Free Up Space” feature so you’ll never have that problem again.

While it’s possible Apple could finally kill its 16GB iPhone storage tier with the launch of the iPhone 7 this September, current storage strapped iPhone users likely repeatedly run into the error featured in this clever Google ad. (And yes, this is a headache that some Android users also face.) Google wants you to know that it’s come up with a solution to this potential crisis: once they’ve been backed up to the cloud, Google Photos can erase the local copy of photos and videos captured with your smartphone. Google Photos seems to be one of the best around and you have sort of “unlimited” space up there on your cloud.

In any case, whether you favor iPhone or Android, iCloud or Google Photos, we can all appreciate a good dig at the rival company. Anyway, this is a pretty great ad all around – even if it’s weird that after all those iPhone warning prompts, the commercial pulls back to reveal. a Nexus 6P.

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