Nigel Farage bows out of UKIP after Brexit ‘fairytale’

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She said that the party is now “the change movement” in the United Kingdom, arguing that Prime Minister Theresa May has been taking Ukip’s policies.

She also said she “couldn’t imagine” voting for Hillary Clinton.

Terming the prime minster “Magpie May”, James, who takes over from Nigel Farage at the head of the Eurosceptic party, said Theresa May had stolen Ukip’s policies, including the controversial grammar schools measures that have been much debated this week.

Diane James comfortably won the race to succeed Nigel Farage, despite failing to take part of many leadership hustings around the country.

In an LBC interview, Ms James announced she was an “admirer” of Russian President Vladimir Putin, citing his leadership strength as a reason.

Delivering a speech after the announcement, James stressed the importance of leaving the EU.

An ex-Tory supporter, she became an independent councillor in 2007 after abandoning the party, before ultimately joining UKIP.

“The threats to the referendum outcome are increasing by the day”, she warned party members during her acceptance speech in Bournemouth.

ITV News reported that his slot had been given to his arch-rival Nathan Gill, the party’s overall leader in Wales. James told journalists that she would be happy to meet Hamilton if her diary matched with his.

James promised to make UKIP push the government to achieve a “true, 100% European Union exit” amid rumours of the possibility of a so-called “Brexit light” deal with the bloc.

“I am so pleased it is going to take a while to come down to earth”.

“There is a huge opportunity for the party, but it also requites the party to unite”. “I say “reunite”, that’s probably a bit unfair but we’ve had a very very hard time”.

He said: “Across the range of British politics we now see populists of the far left and the far right getting hold of their parties”.

“I have put absolutely all of me into this”.

In 2013, the 56-year-old came within fewer than 2,000 votes of becoming UKIP’s first elected MP in when she narrowly lost the Eastleigh by-election to the Liberal Democrats. “I think it’s extraordinary that the speaker of the Ukip group in the Assembly should be replaced as the speaker by someone who’s just resigned in the assembly”. “If we are going to reach and achieve the goals this party is still capable of achieving, then change is going to have to happen”, she added. Can I be any clearer?

He is one of a number of high-profile figures in Ukip who have been frozen out by the Farage wing of the party – the wing which propelled Ms James to victory. I’m going to guess that it doesn’t include the line, “The post holder should seek to undermine British business overseas and demoralise British business at home”.

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