Nintendo surges to hit 6-year high, Pokemon GO hits UK market

Pokemon Go is out now in the UK

An optional companion Bluetooth wearable device, the Pokemon Go Plus, is planned for future release and will alert users when Pokemon are nearby. In many parts of the India the game is unresponsive and it completely drains out your battery.

Nintendo has given no indication as to when or whether Pokemon Go will be released in China.

Investors – and gamers – are waiting to see when Pokemon GO will be launched in other major markets, particularly Japan, one of the world’s biggest gaming markets.

The popular augmented reality app, which has already made Nintendo millions, can be downloaded from the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android. Not only is the game not on Chinese app stores, but Google services are blocked in China. “When you’re involved in a game and not paying attention to what’s going on around you, your situational awareness can go down”, Greensboro, North Carolina police officer Ben Wingfield told local television. The sign in is via GoogleAccount, and yes Niantic Labs is facing some heat over asking for full account access and raising privacy red flags.

“We want to reach out and connect with people in the neighborhood and show them the kindness of Jesus through a game we all have fun playing”, Donnie Clinton, a Rooftop intern and high school ministry leader, said in a church statement.

However, how do you know which Pokemon to look for? Players are encouraged to walk around to find and capture Pokemon.

And because the app is free, all you’ve got to do is follow the links and click install. Players can already buy virtual items to speed their progress, but augmented reality presents unique advertising opportunities, said F-Secure.

Ross Penstone-Smith, who is policy adviser at ABI said: “Playing Pokemon Go shouldn’t mean letting go of your senses”.

Some rural users have taken to spoofing simply because there isn’t enough Pokemon Go-odness in their respective areas, but Niantic would clearly prefer this didn’t happen. Candy Crush, at its height, boasted around 93 million daily active users globally.

This bodes well for an official Indian release.

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