Oklahoma’s Republican delegates look for unity at convention

Sen. Dan Coats R-Ind

The prepared text of Trump’s speech was leaked on Thursday evening, hours before he’ll take the stage in Cleveland and accept the Republican Party’s nomination for president.

It also says something about Trump’s judgment that he invited a politician whom he’d cruelly attacked to speak at the convention – in a prime-time spot.

The elder Cruz had been a frequent fixture of his campaign appearances, but his presence in the hall Wednesday night strongly suggested there would be no rapprochement between his son and Donald Trump. The festive area outside the Quicken Loans Arena was set with outdoor bars and plenty of rhythm and blues music.

“Cruz remains in very good shape with Texas Republicans, at least going into the convention”, said Henson.

Losco said Trump’s acceptance speech did little to win over undecided or independent voters, let alone heal internal party wounds from a bitter primary season. But the president responded to a litany of statistics that GOP nominee Donald Trump laid out at the convention and pointed out that illegal immigration and violence are less of a problem today than they were 20 or 30 years ago. “He pledged to support the nominee and he needed to say that”, said Robinson, who added that she understood why some delegates booed. It was a mistake, Trump told him; we all make mistakes.

But the convention folk loved it, just as I’m sure the Democrats will be thrilled with all of the smarmy, supercilious claptrap Hillary’s hellions will dish out. He noted that a wave of undocumented workers hurts recent immigrants who moved to the United States legally, as well as African Americans, by taking away jobs. “It’s fantastic”, said Trump.

He’d hoped for a more conciliatory tone. “And when they’re opposed you won’t have a more vigorous opponent”.

After the speech, Dean said via text that it’s part of the risk of working in business on the scale that Trump does.

Cruz traveled Friday to Georgia to campaign for a Republican congressional candidate.

He acknowledged that the border and public safety should be protected. The last man standing after Trump defeated the rest of this year’s large and experienced GOP primary field, Cruz’s future political viability may now rise or fall on whether his decision to deny Trump at the billionaire’s own coronation looks good or bad four years from now. Therefore, by the time delegates gather at modern conventions, the party is already intrinsically linked to the person who will be its presidential nominee.

The no-longer-presumptive presidential nominee also thanked running mate Mike Pence, saying the IN governor has helped him strengthen ties to the Republican Party.

But Suarez noted what Trump didn’t say. A stalwart conservative and evangelical Christian, he is against gay marriage, has passed laws limiting abortion and tried to ban Syrian refugees from coming to Indiana.

The story Trump referenced had appeared in the National Enquirer and was immediately debunked.

During the primary campaign, Trump sent out Twitter messages threatening to “spill the beans” about Cruz’s wife, Heidi, and Trump implied that Cruz’s father had been photographed with Lee Harvey Oswald, the assassin who killed President John F. Kennedy.

Then Trump bore in on Cruz, calling his non-endorsement “dishonorable” before revisiting the hubbub over the celebrity businessman March’s retweet of a post that juxtaposed an unflattering photo of Heidi Cruz with a glamour shot of Trump’s wife, Melania, a former model. I’ve made no secret I was prepared to vote for Trump if the alternative was Hillary Clinton and a radical Supreme Court that will change the course of this nation and its principles for generations.

In claiming party unity during Friday’s informal remarks, Trump said “we may be missing a couple of people”, but overall the Republicans are behind him. But on Thursday the Texan met anger and denunciations from many sides and was even heckled at a breakfast meeting of his own Texas delegation where a vocal minority of the large crowd was furious.

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