PlayStation VR Game Prices Revealed Via PSN Store Page Listings

Xbox boss Phil Spencer announces the new device which is 40 per cent smaller than the original model

At its annual E3 press event, Sony announced that its PlayStation VR virtual-reality system for the PlayStation 4 console will go on sale on october 13 in North America for $399. During the demonstration reel at E3 on Tuesday, Sony provided a teaser for a bunch of games that it is planning to integrate with its VR headset, including “Final Fantasy XV”, “Resident Evil 7”, “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare”, and an upcoming “Batman” VR game. If you want to buy some games to go along with that fancy new headset – and let’s face it, of course you’ll want to do that – then how much should you save? However, most of the attention is being focused on the PlayStation VR itself, the price tag for which was revealed earlier in the year.

PlayStation VR titles will range from $9.99 to $59.99.

PlayStation concentrated by revealing its new games by satisfying the game aficionados with trailers, classic remakes, release dates and confirmation of the most anticipated titles.

As expected, the PlayStation Neo was not at the PlayStation E3 conference yesterday; Sony confirmed the existence of the console but they announced it would not be at E3 this year.

At the moment, the biggest system for virtual reality gaming is the Oculus Rift, created by the most well known name in virtual reality headsets.

PlayStation VR will be available for $399, or $499 as part of a bundle with a PS4 camera and PlayStation Move controllers.

Meanwhile, pre-orders for the PlayStation VR have already gone live along with games. Apparently, Sony has indicated that since the device is likely to be in great demand, it may not be possible for the company’s supply chain to keep pace with the requirement. Hence, it is not clear how well the PlayStation VR will run on the existing PS4 gaming.

The following games costing between £9.99 and £49.99 will be available on day one: Rigs, VR Worlds, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, Super Stardust, Hustle Kings, Tumble VR.

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