Possible policy violation in Paul O’Neal shooting

Two Chicago officers relieved of powers after black suspect killed

Chicago Police have “quite a few questions” after officers fatally shot a man driving a stolen auto, and investigators have retrieved body cameras and cameras on squad auto dashboards to determine whether officers followed the department’s deadly force policy when they opened fire on the fleeing vehicle.

Officers then fired their service weapons, according to police.

Authorities have identified the man shot to death by Chicago police during a stolen vehicle investigation late Thursday.

O’Neal was later pronounced dead at a hospital. One thing they do know: When the incident was over, police did not find a gun, either on the street or inside the stolen vehicle, Guglielmi said Friday.

As the officers got out of their auto, Paul “put the vehicle in drive and literally forced his way out”, First Deputy Superintendent John Escalante said at the scene.

The body camera of an officer involved in the fatal shooting of an unarmed teenager in the back was not recording at the time, Chicago Police have said.

O’Neal was shot at by officers after a stolen auto he was allegedly driving sideswiped a police squad vehicle in South Shore on Thursday.

Paul O’Neal’s murder was as a result of police officers spotting the deceased in a Jaguar convertible presumably stolen.

The family is also calling for the immediate release of all police videos of the shooting as officials admit the body camera of the officer who shot O’Neal somehow didn’t record the incident.

Prior to his dismissal, two other officers related to O’Neal’s death were relieved of duty too.

While O’Neal was unarmed, the officers could still be protected by another Chicago police policy that says cops “will not unreasonably endanger themselves or another person to conform to the restrictions of this directive”, meaning they may have had the right to defend themselves from the recklessly driving teen. Escalante has described the investigation as “very active” but that “it’s going to take a while” to view the footage.

The three officers were placed on administrative duties for 30 days, according to a statement after the shooting.

This spring, body cameras were added to six more districts on the South and West Sides that were chosen based on a review of patrol activity, crime patterns, calls for service and geography.

Chicago police investigate a police-involved fatal shooting in the 7300 block of South Merrill Avenue in Chicago’s South Shore neighborhood on Friday, July 29, 2016.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson has relieved two officers of their police powers following a police-involved shooting that left a suspect dead. A new policy enacted in the wake of the Laquan McDonald shooting scandal also requires videos from all police shootings in Chicago to be released within 60 days.

Law enforcement experts say that many agencies ban officers from shooting at moving cars, even if drivers appear to be attempting to ram them because police service weapons are unlikely to stop a speeding vehicle.

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