Sanders fails to oust Clinton backers from convention roles

Washington Can Bernie Sanders win

Seeking to defuse tensions, the Democratic National Committee said Friday it will hold public hearings around the country to develop the platform for its summer convention, a focal point for supporters of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

As out MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow reported Friday, the Sanders campaign sent its letter to DNC officials that evening, warning that Frank and Malloy were “self-proclaimed partisans intent on marginalizing [Sanders] supporters”.

Deutsch wrote that Malloy’s “incendiary” attacks on Sanders over gun control “betray a closed mind and a lack of civility that would make it hard if not impossible for Governor Malloy to effectively conduct his duties as co-chair of the Standing Platform Committee”.

The pair’s criticisms of Sanders have gone beyond dispassionate ideological disagreement and have exposed a deeper professional, political and personal hostility toward the senator and his campaign, Deutsch said.

Democratic officials responded to Sanders’ request on Saturday, saying in a letter that Malloy and Frank were elected under party rules and that Sanders wasn’t alleging any violations of that process.

“The appointment of two individuals so outspokenly critical of Sen”. The Campaign respectfully but emphatically requests, under the qualification standards clause of the Call, l that both Governor Malloy and Mr.

Most members of the convention standing committees – rules, platform and credentials – are awarded to candidates based on the results of those primaries and caucuses.

The Democratic National Convention is scheduled for July 25 through 28 in Philadelphia.

In April, Tad Devine, Sanders’ senior adviser, said Frank is among surrogates for Hillary Clinton who used Sanders’ remarks to a New York Daily News editorial board on April 1 to promote a story line that questions Sanders’ capacity to be president.

Months after telling Hillary Clinton the American people were “sick and exhausted of hearing about your damn e-mails”, the times may be a-changing for Bernie Sanders he wages an increasingly intense campaign ahead of California’s Democratic primary. “All but one, who is neutral, are backing Clinton”, the Connecticut Post detailed.

The letter from Bernie Sanders’ campaign lawyer noted that Malloy has negatively compared the senator to Donald Trump.

“Governor Malloy has been and will continue to be a strong supporter of Secretary Clinton, but has said throughout this process, he will advocate for a process that is fair and a platform that stands in stark contrast to the hateful, divisive and unsafe policies of Donald Trump”, a spokesperson for the Connecticut Democrats told the Post.

“We are broadening the process to welcome and include input from across the nation”, said Rep. Elijah E. Cummings (D-MD). Sanders has declined to weigh in, however, on the private server/emails scandal, which is subject to an FBI investigation.

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