SC Dems calling on elected Republicans to unendorse Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is joined by his wife Melania as he speaks during a news conference at the Trump National Golf Club Westchester Tuesday

“This is last week’s story”, Mnuchin told Burnett. Their staffs have been engaged in more tactical discussions.

One way to stop someone from winning a game is to change the rules. As the Democratic Party’s heaviest hitters, including President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Massachusetts Sen. Clinton secured all three on Thursday.

Speaking to 1210 WPHT radio Wednesday, Rendell, who is now serving as chair of the Philadelphia 2016 Host Committee for the Democratic National Convention, said Warren isn’t ready for the job should she be elected on a Clinton ticket. If Clinton is unavailable to legitimate questioning now, what hope would there be once she is in office?

The Massachusetts senator justified staying on the sidelines until now by telling Rachel Maddow on MSNBC Thursday night that she thought it was “really important” to let voters choose in the primary and that the debate has been “constructive”.

“Hillary Clinton is a classic liberal interventionist”. She’s a fighter. She’s out there.

“What Bernie Sanders did was just powerfully important”, she added. Is it really uniting the party?

Rendell praised Warren but said her lack of foreign policy experience and short tenure in the Senate rule her out as a potential choice. His disavowal in the wake of Trump’s comments about the judge – the first of any leading Republican – followed the debut of a hard-hitting, multimillion-dollar television ad from Clinton allies.

A few weeks ago, she fired off a storm of tweets at Trump. “I said it publicly and I said it privately”, Ryan said in an interview that aired on “Good Morning America” Friday.

Even though Trump doesn’t seem very familiar with the Bible, perhaps he’d identify with the Old Testament strongman, Samson.

“Finances alone don’t determine who wins, we know that”. “But the truth is, I love the work I do”. And I feel like the GOP party just left that.

Clinton, meanwhile, delivered her first speech since becoming the presumptive nominee, addressing advocates at Planned Parenthood, the women’s health organization and abortion provider.

After a week of being pummeled for his attacks on a federal judge overseeing a fraud case against his namesake training program, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee stood before the cameras Tuesday night to deliver an unusually conventional speech – composed and seemingly honest about his duty to lead the GOP.

Not so fast, says former Pennsylvania governor and Philadelphia Mayor Ed Rendell. I think the party ought to change the nominee.

Jim Jordan has been a consistent conservative voice on policy and cultural issues and has not been afraid to rock the boat, even when the Speaker of the House was John Boehner, a powerful figure in Jordan’s home state OH politics. (Hillary) is the one who has a bad temperament. she’s weak. she has a hair trigger and it’s just the opposite with me. “Yes, I do”, Warren replied. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is already smack in the middle of that fight. But he is now more comfortable with the idea.

Still, supporters say they’re confident that Trump is growing into his new role. They moved to a party that said, “No, it’s not about a level playing field”. Both the Republican National Committee and American Crossroads called Warren a “sellout”. Warren’s attack was damaging to Hillary during the primaries, and she should now explain whether she was wrong to attack Hillary then, or whether she stands by that attack. Clinton has released a trove of tax records but for months has declined to honor another essential expectation of the nation’s leaders and would-be leaders: She has not held a real news conference since December. In the early days of her campaign, some of her lowest moments came during freewheeling exchanges with the press corps, such as when she lamely attempted to joke her way out of answering a question about her State Department emails. “It’s giving some of the donors heartburn, for sure”, she said. “There will be a whole lot of issues to talk about over the next several months”.

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