Skyrim: Special Edition coming to PS4 and Xbox One

That’s very generous move Bethesda

The Skyrim Special Edition release date won’t arrive this summer.

There is another piece of good news for those who own the Skyrim Legendary edition, which released in 2013, two years after the game released. Basically, it brings Skyrim up to the levels modders have brought it to, but without needing to resort to mods for this edition.

Bethesda Softworks, a division of ZeniMax Media Inc, founded in 1986, has a long history of success as a developer and publisher of award-winning video games for PCs, Sony’s PlayStation®,…

Skyrim Special Edition will come with mods for PC but it will also come with mods for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This is essentially the same experience from the Bethesda website but with the added convenience of not having to visit the website to download and install the mod. current lists it for US$60 on console. The new game will support mods and players can find the feature in the main menu. Last year, the company aired trailers for Doom, Dishonored 2, and Fallout 4. Arkane confirmed that players will be able to play as either Emily or Corvo – with each having their own set of dialogue, missions and unique set of abilities to take advantage of in the game world. It appears that most of the content available for the PC will be available for console. Bethesda later announced that Fallout 4 is also coming to VR platforms, with HTC Vive support confirmed for some time in 2017.

Let’s start with one of our favorite PC Fallout 4 mods that (fortunately) quickly made it over to the list of Fallout 4 mods for console. Finally, in August, Bethesda will launch Nuka-World, the final major expansion for Fallout 4. You’ll get volumetric god shading, multiple snow shaders and enough water shaders to make even the staunchest videgame H20 snob weep with happiness. That’s right, one of the most popular games of all time is getting an overhaul aimed at making it look much prettier than the original version.

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