Some users are complaining of hissing noises from the new iPhone

Apple's global iPhone launch Both excitement and frustration ruled the roost

The device proved to be a major debacle for Samsung and has brought the sales of their flagship device to a halt.

Meanwhile, owners and future buyers of the iPhone 7 are awaiting confirmation as of this moment for Apple to release an official statement regarding the issue.

The issue does not appear to be pervasive across all iPhone 7 handsets, so it may be that some handsets are doing a better job of dampening the noise than others.

Reports this weekend have detailed a odd hissing phenomenon as pertains to the newly released Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus handsets.

CNET reached out to Apple, saying the company “politely” declined to comment.

Trade Up lets you take your old device into an Apple Store and get instant credit towards buying a new device, assuming you can find what you want in stock. “It seems to get worse if the iPhone is under load, and can be heard while the phone is sitting on a table”.

The problem was first spotted by 512 Pixels’ Stephen Hackket, who posted about the issue on Twitter and also shared a YouTube video of the same.

The new iPhone 7 was unleashed upon the world just days ago, but already there’s something weird going on with them, apparently. Darrell Etherington of TechCrunch, for example, said that he heard the same noise while setting up his device.

“…after putting a series of devices through high-intensity CPU/GPU activity, which pulls much more power than normal daily use, they all sounded roughly the same.”

While this issue is nothing compared to an exploding battery, it raises concerns about Apple’s quality checks.

So far the consensus seems to be the noise is being caused by A10 “coil whine” which happens with most electronics though is usually not audible to our hearing.

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