Some Users Find Their Devices Bricked After Installing iOS 10


It said Error 53, as it became known, was in fact security measure created to make sure the fingerprint sensor on the device had not been tampered with.

iOS 10 will run on all devices later than the iPhone 4S, iPad 3 and first-generation iPad Mini.

The new iOS 10 update gives everyone what we’ve been crying out for all these years – the power to delete the undeletable.

There is a problem with the iPhone “iPhone” that requires it to be updated or restored. Right? Right. You can back up your device to iTunes or to iCloud, or for extra security, use both methods.

While you may only be able to free up 150mb of space, just think of how clutter-free your phone will now be. These aren’t just taking up space on your home screen but also space. This sparks the curiosity as to what the company plans on using in case they remove the normal headphone jack. Also, check on apps that have pending updates.

Here’s a couple of examples of user’s iDevices soft bricking after attempting an upgrade to iOS 10.

When the installation is complete, go ahead and set up your phone. From there, you can update. Either is fine, but I recommend keeping a recent update on your computer.

We’ve known this change was coming ever since the more foolhardy among us installed the beta versions of iOS 10 this summer.

The issue is not limited to a particular device either but spans across multiple models including the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, iPhone 6 S, iPhone 6, and iPhone SE. The IPSW direct download links are available in the box below should you want to perform the update manually. The update to 10.0.1 is then performed. Check in settings if you’re anxious to get started. I’ll take funny-looking emojis over an hour-plus download any day.

Courage on the other hand, launched its top tear leash that ensures you might never lose your Apple AirPods. Downloading and updating over public Wi-Fi is also not recommended. If you haven’t updated your phone, maybe hold off for a little while to make sure things have all shaken out.

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