Titans fall to Texans 27-20

Titans fall to Texans 27-20

O’Brien previously spent four years calling plays for the Patriots during his time on Bill Belichick’s staff before becoming head coach at Penn State.

The 25-year-old quarterback hasn’t looked great thus far, throwing for just three touchdowns as opposed to four interceptions through the first three games of the season.

In the second half, the Texans kept piling up the points. Jason McCourty set up the Titans second score with his first interception of the season. The key to those drives is starting off on a good note; a 6-yard gain gets you into a pretty good tempo.

The Texans officially placed star defensive lineman J.J. Watt on injured reserve this week, ending his season after he re-injured his back. Brett Kern’s 45-yard punt got little hang time, and there wasn’t a Titan who got close enough to even lunge at Texans rookie Will Fuller as he cruised in for a 74-yard touchdown.

Running back Lamar Miller should also fare better in Week 4. He registered 108 total yards of offense. Mariota isn’t sure why he’s played so much better on the road, where three of his four career victories have come. He wants to do well. He’s very bright. He works very hard.

“I had a phenomenal view” of Fuller’s punt return, Osweiler said.

“I think that’s hilarious, to be honest with you”, he said of the criticism, via the Houston Chronicle.

“It’s unfortunate that down, but. we still have to play ball”, linebacker Whitney Mercilus said. He isn’t afraid to make the tight throws, but my concern is there are times where I see him forcing the ball when he doesn’t need to.

10/26/14: Titans 30, TEXANS 16 This game was six days after one of the biggest meltdowns of the O’Brien Era, the Monday night debacle in Pittsburgh where the Texans gave up 21 points in about two minutes at the end of the half to lose in embarrassing fashion. Two plays later, Osweiler connected with Fuller for a 5-yard touchdown. But instead of a fumble problem, it was Locker’s physical style that too often put him in harm’s way, leading to too many injuries, too many missed games and an eventual early retirement from the NFL. After, it’s definitive that the rookie is going to be around for a long time making plays like that.

Houston fans have been waiting for Jadeveon Clowney to emerge from Watt’s broad shadow, and Clowney did a nice job in his first start at left end. We then block that year out of our memory and wait for the day that Johnson’s jersey gets retired at NRG Stadium. “Eventually we’ll be able to be one of those teams where we are up (early in games)”.

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