Tom Watson: I WON’T be running in the Labour leadership contest

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn standing firm despite pressure Pic Getty

A number of celebrities have begun weighing into the Labour leadership debate following the party’s MPs voting overwhelmingly for a motion of “no confidence” against Jeremy Corbyn.

Labour MSPs Neil Findlay and Richard Leonard, a party spokesman on the economy, have also signed the statement that says Corbyn should be supported as leader.

David Cameron has called on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to stand down in the national interest saying: “For heaven’s sake man, go”.

Former shadow business secretary Angela Eagle is expected to launch her bid to oust him at 3pm if he has not said he is standing down.

Corbyn has vowed not to “betray” grassroots supporters who helped propel him to the leadership in September, with 60 per cent of the votes in the wider party.

Members of the Lincoln Labour Party have given their backing to Jeremy Corbyn’s continued leadership, while attacking the actions of the large majority of party MPs who want to see him replaced.

I’m somone who cares deeply anpout this country, deeply about my party, deeply about the causes I think Jeremy and I care about.

Many Labour MPs are angry at Corbyn for what they see as his lacklustre performance in the campaign to keep Britain in the EU.

While the unions and many Labour members remain firmly behind Corbyn, at Westminster his support is dwindling.

None yet, but an ally of Ms Eagle’s told the Guardian that her campaign had “big hitters” ready to go.

I was planning to run an article chiding Brockley MP Vicky Foxcroft for her lack of her reticence to declare her position in the unfolding Corbyn car-crash.

Ken Livingstone, the former mayor of London, stepped down from Labour’s NEC which he is banned from attending because of his ongoing suspension from the party.

“It might be in my party’s interest for him to sit there”, Cameron told parliament today.

Mr Watson told the BBC he was trying to persuade Mr Corbyn to quit but he would not be challenging him.

The calls came just a day after Corbyn suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of his fellow Labour members of Parliament, with 172 of them expressing no confidence in his leadership through a secret ballot.

Mr Miliband said the situation was “unsustainable” and that he would have resigned if he had found himself in Mr Corbyn’s position.

She would be the first leader of the Labour Party from the LGBT community.

The revolt among Labour MPs was triggered by the UK’s vote to leave the European Union, after which Mr Cameron announced his resignation.

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