Trump campaign talking points: Bring up Monica

David Goldman

Clinton has been considered more qualified to be president and had better experience to occupy the Oval Office, but Trump was able to make it close because those same likely voters questioned her honesty and trustworthiness.

He defended himself similarly in an interview the next day with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly.

Here’s what I came away thinking: The interactions between Clinton and Trump reflected boththe particulars of the candidates (namely, Trump’s brash debating style) and the larger gender dynamics (how Clinton might face specific scrutiny for pushing back on interruptions).

In the case of the latter, it was the only time in the debate that she educated me on something I didn’t know about Trump, and if I were leaning toward voting for him that might be a deal-breaker. “She gained a massive amount of weight, and it was a real problem”, he told Fox News.

Trump has said he planned to bring up the Clinton infidelities at the face-off, but backed off.

But Trump appeared undaunted, even as his broadside against Machado ricocheted across the campaign, and Democrats seized it to criticize him all the more. “Upstate New York is a total disaster.She talks and nothing gets done”.

In a story published online late Saturday, The Times said it anonymously received the first pages of Trump’s 1995 state income tax filings in New York, New Jersey and CT.

Gaggling with reporters on her plane Thursday, Clinton was asked whether she feels any obligation to object to a spouse’s indiscretions being brought up in the campaign. Only now does he realize how “terrible” she really was. “If I won’t for Johnson, I will for one of them”, meaning Clinton or Trump. Our politicians waste the money. Time used the debate transcript to identify 84 interruptions, 55 of which came from Trump. But rather than lean on conventional tools such as mock debates or a media coach, he appears most eager to dredge up controversies from the Clintons’ past that most Republicans are deeply wary of reviving.

But Trump wasn’t having it.

In taking the bait Clinton dangled on Monday, Trump echoed his August entanglement in a days-long public dispute with the parents of a Muslim Army captain killed in Iraq. “I think women want to be accepted for who they are”, Burgess said.

“Do you have anything more to say on this Miss Universe thing?”

And while Trump has largely resisted overtly attacking Clinton over the incident or raising questions about her health, he has lately begun pumping up that line of attack. To believers in traditional political norms, it seemed like the opposite of what was needed to win over females, Hispanics and young Americans whose support could well determine the election.

“I guess I’m leading?”

In 1999, Trump said this about Monica Lewinsky, pointed out in an earlier article by Sargent, “It’s sad because he would go down as a great President if he had not had this scandal”.

The GOP nominee complained about his mic the morning after the debate, even suggesting he may have been sabotaged.

“They were laughing about it because they thought that was Trump at his worst”, Luntz said, adding that undecided voters are especially turned off by personal attacks. In this election year most of all, Americans should know their other options.

In 1992, Clinton sharply dismissed Flowers, who was then accusing her husband of adultery. “Why didn’t you go after her on Charlotte?” When the GOP candidate’s arm brushed by the top of the podium, you could hear the fabric brushing against it, so that mic was created to amplify noise to the max, which you can see in the YouTube video below.

In a radio interview past year, Ms. Flowers said Mr. Clinton’s affairs were legitimate campaign issues for his wife and that Mrs. Clinton is “an enabler that has encouraged him (Bill) to go out and do whatever he does with women”. She’s home resting right now. “Sure. The sanctuary is for the criminals”.

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