Trump Uses the Word ‘Rape’ When Discussing Bill Clinton

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a rally in Eugene Ore

A month ago it was 49-47 percent.

When Ted Cruz dropped out the presidential race, making Donald Trump the presumptive Republican nominee, there was no shortage of surprised reactions. “If he hammers home his pledge to bring jobs back from overseas, painting Clinton as a ‘pro-NAFTA free trader, ‘ Trump could sweep traditionally Democratic Rust Belt states…as well as Iowa and Missouri”.

The relative lateness of this year’s joint fundraising agreement, a outcome of the party’s drawn-out presidential primary, mostly explain the RNC’s lackluster fundraising, according to some party fundraisers.

Hillary Clinton’s favorable to unfavorable rating has improved two percentage points.

And let’s not forget, failure to support Trump may not only mean loss of the presidency for our party, but could also translate into drastic consequences for control of the Congress. The Republican Party needs to unite behind Trump and spend our time contrasting our views with those of the Democrats. That’s one reason that seeing his tax forms would be so important for the public and so risky for him.

In the above-noted tweet, Trump also doubled down on earlier assertions that he can sway Sanders supporters over to his side in a general election contest against Clinton. Before Donald Trump can claim to be worthy of the presidency, he owes the truth to the American people. Trump prides himself on being a terrific “negotiator”, and I know this personally to be the case. There’s a significant “Never Trump” contingent among Arizona Republicans. Independents prefer a Democrat, 39 percent to 29 percent, with women voting Democratic 48 percent to 38 percent. Even 40 percent of the voters who are favorable to socialist Bernie Sanders favor a smaller federal government. Among those who are undecided for president, 68 percent think the country is on the wrong track; 18 percent think it’s going in the right direction.

Otherwise they risk seeing another Democrat at the White House in at least four years to come. Only 34 percent said we should continue Obama’s policies. That’s up significantly from 55 percent in March. The pro-Clinton super PAC Priorities USA on Wednesday began anti-Trump advertising that will not subside until votes are cast in November.

Richardson believes statements like that will doom the Republican as the election moves on. The same poll conducted in April showed Clinton with a seven-point lead over her potential rival. When you narrow the field to just Clinton and Trump though, Trump’s lead goes up to 45/41 because his share of the GOP vote increases to 77%.

By race, Trump is winning among whites, 50 percent to 39 percent.

Trump long has objected to the participation of Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly as one of the three moderators, claiming she has treated him unfairly with both her questioning of him at last August’s debate and her commentary since then.

Hillary Clinton is taking jabs at Donald Trump for his finance records, but the Democratic frontrunner’s own forms hold many surprises that could disturb voters. Needless to say, there’s a very small group of political donors who give at that level and they typically need to be courted before signing those checks.

The latest plan hatched by Trump opponents involves a “None of the Above” campaign in states where both Trump and Clinton struggled, Fox reported.

– John McLaughlin and Jim McLaughlin are Republican strategists and partners in the national polling firm McLaughlin Associates.

This annual report is required of all candidates running for president.

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