Twitter Announces Application Process For Verified Accounts

Credit    Twitter

Twitter is actually opening the blue checkmark to everyone. Earlier this week, the company revealed that it is now possible for anyone to apply and become a verified user.

The application process will be available to users across the world over the course of this week. An account is most likely to be verified if it is determined to be of public interest.

Twitter now has approximately 320 million users who are active monthly, and from that 187,000 users are verified at present. The designation is largely symbolic, but also a defensive move against the untold number of impersonators, satirists, trolls and hatemongers who roam freely on Twitter.

Previously, blue ticks were only meant for celebrities and other popular personalities of varied industry backgrounds.

Trust matters on Twitter and that’s exactly why anyone who wants to be verified should take steps to do so.

Will you be applying to get verified on Twitter?

Follow these steps to give yourself the best chance of getting verified. The account would need to have a verified phone number (no check marks needed there!), a valid and confirmed email address, a bio to easily know what the account is all about, a profile photo, a website connected to the account, and a set birthday if the account is person.

You will also need to have a public profile so people can see your tweets whether they are following your or not.

Social media site launches online application for people desiring authentication of accounts. As such, marketers looking to submit an application for verification should ensure that the Twitter account in question meets these criteria. Provide at least two URLs to showcase your newsworthiness or relevancy in your field. You may even be required to show a government-issued ID for confirmation.

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