Visceral’s Star Wars game was briefly shown at EA’s E3 event

New Star Wars IP could be announced at EA PLAY – Report

No release date has been announced fo the Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing VR Mission, but Sony announced that Playstation VR will launch on October 13, 2016.

Star Wars Battlefront will see more free content and paid expansions coming in 2016 including Battlefront Bespin, and Battlefront Death Star, along with a final DLC pack in December.

Visceral Games are creating an action-adventure game with an “original narrative set in the Star Wars universe with all-new characters”.

Lastly, a first look was given for Visceral’s Star Wars game, a project that has been headed by former Naughty Dog writer Amy Hennig. Beyond that, Respawn Entertainment are making a 3rd person action adventure game that takes place ina timeline that hasn’t yet been explored in EA’s Star Wars titles.

The video game publisher teased three forthcoming games set in the “Star Wars” universe Sunday at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

EA are workng on a bunch more Star Wars games with Lucas Film. That was then, this is now – and Star Wars Battlefront was just the tip of the massive iceberg. Other than the VR game, everything was pretty much either already known, or was so obvious that we don’t need to be told, so it was a rather underwhelming affair.

“While we’re not ready to get into specifics right now, we have started development of this game by listening to all of the feedback we received, while also innovating in new areas I think you’re all going to be excited about”. Details were scarce, though the Respawn section of the montage does include footage of a light saber motion capture session.

What it is: Not much is now known about Visceral’s Star Wars game other than that it has an “original narrative with new characters”. The video also featured imagery of a game developer using a PlayStation VR to pilot a virtual version of an X-Wing vessel. In an E3-adjacent press presentation today, the company announced plans for a number of upcoming story-driven Star Wars titles from some of its biggest studios.

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