Why Pokemon Go is a taste of the future

Pokemon Go app

While the game has been wildly popular among users and is reportedly set to leapfrog Snapchat, Tinder and Twitter in terms of subscribers, several groups have voiced safety concerns over the app.

The shares of the Kyoto-based company reached $244 during the first half of the trading day at the Tokyo exchange where investors appeared to enthusiastically receive the overwhelming figures, a few days after launch of the game in the US, EFE news reported.

The wait is finally over, UK Pokemon GO fans.

Thousands of people in the United Kingdom have already been using it by doing a workaround on their phones, but anyone who can’t be bothered with the faff can now get it simply and easily. After the release of “Pokemon GO”, the number of supporters multiplied and now has a total of 47,327 supporters.

“Pokémon GO is already an unbelievably huge game, and if it can retain its legions of new users and convert them into highly engaged and paying players, then it could be a huge financial success”.

Niantic and Nintendo have hit the proverbial gold mine with Pokemon GO.

The current craze has also helped Nintendo stocks jump by more than 20 percent.

Using your phone’s Global Positioning System functionality and camera, players will be able to catch Pokemon in real-world locations.

Legendary Pictures, the same studio responsible for “The Hunger Games” and the most recent video game adaptation “Warcraft”, is “moving toward a deal to make a live-action “Pokemon” movie, according to Deadline”.

The app also alerts its user if another Pokemon is in sight and owners may engage in a battle.

The NSPCC has called for the security features of gaming phenomenon PokemonGo to be reassessed before the app is released in the UK.

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